Everything has started with a thought that “Trying new thing is adventurous, Brewing art in our daily life is quite challenging”. 

We have accepted this challenge and started working on it, as a Result, Color of Unified Passion(COUP) has born.

We have started our journey from mid of 2018 with 3 member, since then it is been roller coaster ride which helped us to learn lot, even still we are learning,now we are team of 13 memeber and growing.Our name COUP also stands for our core values which is Customer(C) Our Service (O) Unmatched Design (U) and Product (P)
So far we have delivered more than 20K Product across country,with 90% customer retention rate our customer base is growing day by day


We believe that one society can only get transformed if some capable one take charge of it, Hence we are trying to stand on our thought by generating employments for women in our rural areas. Because of that our 60% women workforce are the backbone of COUP and we are
planning to increase it.
So lets hope best for us, Thank you . Please feel free to mail us for more info









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